[Place on your school’s letterhead, if available]


[Name of Movie Company]

[Street Address]



Re:      [Name of Middle School] Multimedia Yearbook


Dear Sir or Madam:


We are putting together a DVD-ROM multimedia yearbook for our school, [name of school].


We understand that you are the owner of the copyright in the motion picture entitled [name of picture].  We hope to be able to use a [number of seconds] clip from the movie in our yearbook.  The clip is of [describe scene] as [describe use, e.g., part of a montage of events from this year].


Since our budget for the yearbook is quite small and only [number of copies] will be distributed, we are hopeful that we can use this clip without payment of a fee.  If this is not possible, please let us know what fee would be required for this use. 


Would you please let us know as soon as possible if this material cannot be licensed so that changes may be made to our yearbook?  If this use is approved without a fee, please sign this letter where indicated below to signify your approval.  Also, can you let us know if we need to obtain separate permissions from any of the actors in the scene?  You can reach us in care of [name of teacher advisor], [name of school],[address of school], [telephone number of yearbook or school office], [e-mail address of teacher advisor or yearbook committee]. 


Thank you for your help with this matter and we look forward to hearing from you.


Very truly yours,



[Name of Student]



[Name of Teacher Advisor]


Confirmed by:






[Name of Movie Company]